Our Work

Creating pathways to community knowledge.

In Situ thinks outside the box when it comes to designing and executing high-impact, population-specific research methods. Through customized training and support, we also build the capacity of local health workers and researchers to implement these new strategies with increased self-sufficiency. Our ultimate goal is not to bring in off-site specialists but to bring out the local insight and research talent already available to you.

Our Clients

Building productive partnerships for a better world.

In Situ employs a network of regional experts with training and experience as both quantitative and qualitative researchers. Our lean, customized teams are cost-effective and allow In Situ to deliver increased local knowledge, greater flexibility and comprehensive mixed method support to a broad range of clientele.

In Situ partners with:

  • - Non-profit and for-profit organizations (international and local)
  • - Ministries of Health
  • - Bi-lateral donors
  • - Other research companies and teams like us.

What our clients are saying...

“I was impressed by the interactive nature of her sessions, and Dr. Peterson’s ability to spontaneously adjust the content to address the needs of the participants. Dr. Peterson shared many concrete examples from her own experiences to reinforce the lessons she was teaching, and clearly brought a wealth of knowledge to the table. Her flexibility and willingness to work with my project to tailor the training to our unique needs was invaluable. I would be happy to work with her again in the future.”
~ Kendra WilliamsResearch Analyst, USAID TRAction Project
University Research Co., LLC