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Integrate leading-edge qualitative research into your mixed-method studies.

In Situ Research helps non and for profit organizations and governments around the world incorporate actionable qualitative research into their mixed-method studies. Through on-site research services and training, as well as virtual capacity building and support, In Situ gives our clients the tools to gain deeper insight into the factors that influence health-related behavior and resulting change. We focus on our clients' unique contexts to identify and leverage their own local research capacity and offer cost effective means of assistance such as virtual support. By increasing their on the ground capacity, research teams can boost the measurable efficacy of their studies while ensuring their ability to sustain top-quality work for years to come.

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You've got the team. We'll give you the tools to excel.

Build your team's knowledge, capacity and self-sufficiency with a training strategy designed around your current and future needs. Through both on-site and virtual education, In Situ works to help our clients leverage their existing resources, implement powerful new research methods and develop sustainable frameworks for continued success.


On the ground and online. We're wherever you need us.

We understand the rigorous expectations our clients face in planning, conducting and disseminating their mixed-method research. Informed by our diverse experience and result-driven methodology, our consultation services—from one-time assistance to comprehensive research support—give our clients a critical edge in identifying and achieving their project goals.

Virtual Support.

A leader in virtual research support, In Situ offers a convenient and sustainable alternative to traditional on-site training. We utilize leading-edge software and cloud-based technology to boost our clients' research capacity while conserving more of their resources for their on-the-ground needs. Whether short-term or ongoing, our online services offer our clients the personalized support of an on-site research specialist—without the added cost.

Turning Data into Actionable Insight.

In Situ approaches qualitative inquiry as a vitally important component of the research process. Through rigorous documentation, evaluation and result-driven methodology In Situ helps our clients turn their research into real-world change.

We teach our clients how to put sociocultural knowledge to work to achieve measurable and lasting results.

Our Clients

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In Situ has worked with a broad range of institutions and funding organizations in Washington DC and around the world. We have navigated virtually every stage of the research process and understand the challenges and rigorous expectations our clients face. With years of experience liaising with community leaders, donors and other key organizations, our team has the practical knowledge to help you achieve your funding specifications and your on the ground research objectives.

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