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Our innovative research and training services help our clients leverage the powerful resources already at their fingertips. By learning to channel new sources of local knowledge, local research teams strengthen their understanding of, and response to, health-related behaviors.
Creative problem-solvers, In Situ’s experts constantly seek new ways to help our clients tap into readily available sources of social and cultural insight. Throughout the process, we focus on enhancing your team’s internal capacity to conduct high-quality, high-value research for years to come.

We are experts in mixed-methods

In Situ's services provide our clients with the evidence-based, rigorously documented information they need to take decisive action.

Rooted in an “evidence for decision-making” approach, In Situ provides training, consultation and virtual support for a full range of research services. Our tailored, hands-on approach actively incorporates cloud-based innovations, taps modern information resources and leverages products designed for today’s research and capacity building needs.


Our innovative training services are designed to build our clients’ internal ability to integrate cost-effective, high-impact qualitative research into their work. A hands-on, “learning by doing” approach allows us to work closely with on-site research teams and community members to accurately identify their needs and maximize their existing resources. Though we recommend that initial training take place on-site, we offer a range of virtual training services that enable our resource-limited clients to continue honing their research skills.

Strategy & Execution

Our team has delivered both one-time assistance and long-term capacity building to achieve our clients’ objectives. We bring focused expertise and strategy to help you at any stage of your study or evaluation. Whether you need to assemble or augment your on-site study team, evaluate or implement a program, or compose an official report, our seasoned research professionals will work to ensure your success. Our in-depth knowledge of USAID’s “Evaluation Policy” allows our clients to effectively prepare evaluations for USAID Offices and Missions. From beginning to end, our team provides the critical edge you need to navigate the research process, successfully and sustainably.

Technical Writing & Editing

In Situ’s rigorous technical writing services ensure that your team meets the exacting requirements demanded by various funding organizations while conserving critical resources for your ongoing work. Our services include, but are not limited to research and evaluation reports, peer-reviewed journal manuscripts, conference abstracts, and funding proposals. We have extensive experience preparing documentation for submission to national and international agencies, including USAID.

From inception to publication — or at any stage between.

We offer training, consultation and technical writing support for a comprehensive range of monitoring, research and evaluation services.

Formative Research


  • Impact
  • Process
  • Base, mid, and end line


  • Systematic reviews
  • Literature reviews

Operations Research

Technical Writing

  • Conference abstracts
  • Funding proposals
  • Journal article writing and editing

Mixed Method Research

  • On-site training
  • Virtual follow-up support and continuing education


  • NVivo
  • Dedoose
  • MaxQDA
  • SPSS
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In Situ evaluates each project to determine which services and specialists are right for you. Just as we recognize that no two communities are exactly the same, our strategy varies depending upon the demands, constraints and context of the issue at hand. Our lean teams and tailored approach keep our processes efficient and our overhead low, ensuring that your resources stretch farther and work harder for you.