About Us

Expert knowledge, expertly deployed.

In Situ partners with clients around the world to enhance the depth, efficacy and sustainability of their mixed-method studies.

In Situ’s mixed-method research team offers a unique perspective grounded in decades of collective experience spanning over thirty-five countries and a broad range of issues. Headquartered in Washington D.C., In Situ has partnered with many global and domestic organizations, governments and academic institutions at the forefront of worldwide health and education. Our experience working across multiple areas of global health research allows us to help our clients make informed decisions that support their big-picture goals. We are intimately familiar with the evolving processes and challenges that shape how our clients plan and implement their mixed-method research. Having worked with a number of prominent donors, we know how to help research teams meet the expectations that their funding organizations demand. This firsthand knowledge informs our strategy every step of the way when it comes to leveraging resources and achieving lasting results.

What our clients are saying...

"There are things I admire in Researchers; energy, zeal and an analytical mind and Katia [In Situ’s founder] possesses all that. Her appreciation and approach to qualitative data analysis using NVivo and fusion with epidemiological theories makes her a cut above your average qualitative researchers."
~Phineas JasiResearch & Metrics Manager
PSI Zimbabwe

In Situ: beyond ordinary.

Mixed-method research like you’ve never seen it before.

Every aspect of our innovative model is engineered to give research teams a critical edge in their mixed-method studies. By cutting inefficiencies and implementing the best available tools and methodology, we offer our clients around the world an updated and empowering alternative to traditional research support. Our offerings are designed to provide a level of insight, agility and cost efficiency that larger institutions can rarely offer. With In Situ, you can count on:

A knowledgeable partner.

In Situ has worked with key organizations and community leaders in Washington DC and around the world at every point in the research process. Informed by your project’s specific demands, we apply our firsthand knowledge to ensure each decision is a strategic step toward a strong, successful study.

An innovative approach.

We think outside the box when it comes to methodology and data collection. Where convention falls short, we offer our clients a fresh suite of resources and methods, each hand-picked according to what works best for the problem at hand—not what’s been done before.

Cost-effective support.

Our model is designed to support our clients’ long-term financial sustainability by delivering large-firm expertise at a more affordable cost. Through our strategic approach to team building, as well as our state-of-the-art virtual services, we work to help research teams conserve more of their resources for their ongoing needs.

Qualitative research expertise

We are second to none when it comes to qualitative research. We excel in qualitative data collection, analysis, and synthesis. Our team can help you.

"Though the way we get the work done may change to fit the unique needs of a particular project, one thing never changes: In Situ always places local researchers at the center of the work to make qualitative research a strategic, financially sustainable and truly effective part of our clients’ mixed-method applications all over the world."

~ Dr. Katia M Peterson, MPH, PhDFounder