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At In Situ, we believe research is most effective when passionate specialists work together to design the best strategy for the question at hand. As a global network of professionals coming from a number of academic and professional backgrounds, we’ll be the first to tell you that a one-dimensional approach falls short when comes to translating data into day-to-day behavioral change. To best target the particular needs of the organizations and populations we serve, we draw from our existing knowledge base while remaining open to creative and sometimes non-traditional solutions to the complex challenges before us.
We are experts in our respective fields with a healthy respect for traditional research and analysis methods. However, we also recognize that no single discipline has all of the answers when it comes to addressing health care demands and behaviors. Research involving socio-cultural issues is always dynamic, and we think a research team should be too. Bolstered by years of successful experience across the spectrum of global health and education research, In Situ’s multi-disciplinary team is well-versed when it comes to sourcing and modifying proven methods to fit varying contexts and to comprehensively address the unique issues our clients bring to us.

A Note From Our Founder

A new approach to team building.

When it comes to impact, great things do come in lean packages.

No matter how big or how small the project, our clients come to us with the same core mission: to improve the lives of the populations they serve by promoting day-to-day behavioral changes. In Situ’s mission? To help you measure those changes in the most efficient, effective and sustainable way possible. All too often, we’ve seen large, disjointed research teams become a drain on clients’ resources and momentum. We were determined to avoid this pitfall with In Situ. Our innovative approach to team building is designed to offer our clients the expertise to accomplish their research goals without the inefficiencies and overhead of many larger institutions. In Situ’s lean, tight-knit teams are hand-picked to fit the needs of each project, enlisting each expert strategically to tackle the area he or she knows best.
Just as important as choosing the right methods, having access to the right knowledge and skillset is critical to the success of every study. Our unique business model applies the focused insight our clients need, exactly when and where they need it. In Situ’s project-specific approach to team-building conserves our clients’ budgets and keeps us focused on our clients’ core objectives. We are excited to introduce this updated model to the global research community, and we look forward to continuing to tackle today’s most challenging health and education issues.

Dr. Katia M. Peterson, MPH, PhD
Founder, In Situ Research

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What our clients are saying...

With her multidisciplinary background in quantitative and qualitative methodologies, and her experience working in various global health technical areas, she can add a depth and richness not typically found in global health research. Beyond her technical skills, Dr. Peterson has a professional demeanor and friendly disposition that makes working with her and her team both effective and fun!
~ Dr. Ghazaleh SamandariTechnical Advisor for Monitoring, Evaluation and Research